All Hail Our Partners

There’s a lot of heavy lifting going on during this project. So we want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on some of the key players who are turning our old warehouse into a shining example of adaptive reuse. We’re thrilled they’re on our team.

CCBG Architects

These guys have been with us since the warehouse was purchased in 2007. President Brian Cassidy and architect Martin Ball and have been true partners, reworking interior and exterior plans, working with the city, ensuring historic preservation and overseeing construction teams. Their personal investment is palpable, perhaps because their office is literally just down the street. One of the original businesses to move into the warehouse district, CCBG is committed to preserving the richness of the warehouse district. Its team is focused on every detail while staying committed to creating a beautiful, authentic space.

Robert E. Porter Construction

When the walls of an 88-year-old building are bowing and the trusses are buckling, you need a skilled construction team to get the place back into shape. The crew at Robert Porter Construction expertly and lovingly got our old place standing strong. All summer long, the crews are working in the warehouse without air-conditioning – jackhammering, digging, constructing, nailing and painting.

Our thanks to Earl Lucas, president; Steve Bechtel, project engineer and chief estimator; and Ryan Sneizek, site superintendent, for turning our plans into reality.

Slaysman Engineering

With a name like Slaysman, you know you have to kill it every time. Our thanks to Mel Slaysman for being the super expert he is in all the engineering aspects of rehabbing our very delicate structure. He’s one of the reasons the building is still standing.

Colliers International, Phoenix Office

Phil Breidenbach, a senior vice president at Colliers, has been our go-to guy for years. He not only helped us find and purchase the warehouse, but he located some of our former office spaces as well. Phil’s a savvy, dedicated partner who understands what we need, gives us great advice and knows how to make a heck of a deal.

Phil is also helping us lease the additional space in our warehouse, so contact him if you think your company would like to share space with us.

Arizona Bank and Trust

You know you can’t do anything without the money and these guys are our bank rollers. Senior VP Tim Nichols has worked with us to finance the entire construction project. And when he’s not analyzing numbers, he’s actually touring the warehouse ’cause he’s so invested in our warehouse revitalization. We found Tim thanks to John Benton, who served as an early adviser on the project. John is an Arizona Bank and Trust board member.