It Feels Like Home

There’s that special feeling when you find the place you love, settle down and call it home. You’re excited about the possibilities, fascinated by some of the features and it just feels right. That’s how we see the warehouse at the corner of Second and Buchanan Streets in downtown Phoenix.

The R&R Partners Phoenix office has occupied at least five different offices spaces since opening in 1996, so we’re a little road weary. R&R purchased the warehouse in late 2007, but a crashing economy didn’t make it a feasible time to renovate. Now in 2014, the renovation is nearing completion.

The warehouse represents so much more than just a new building for us. It’s a chance to refresh history. Built in 1926, it was once a produce warehouse which played a role in the vibrant warehouse district. Decades later the area grew tired and forgotten and progress left it behind. But today the warehouse district is the next up-and-coming area of downtown Phoenix and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of its revitalization.

There’s a great authenticity and richness to the R&R structure. The 25,000 square foot building is punctuated by rustic brick walls, concrete floors and 20-foot ceilings with exposed trusses. With great love and patience, we are carefully restoring this structure to preserve its status on the National Historic Register. And we will add our own touches to create a modern, industrial feel that’s true to the origins of the building and the creative soul of the agency.

Perhaps this space feels right because the warehouse and the agency have so much in common. Both were built by entrepreneurial spirits. Both have deep roots cemented in the community. Both are authentic, vibrant and creative. It feels like home.