Community Experiences Transformation First Hand

Weaving ourselves into the fabric of the warehouse district has created unique opportunities for R&R to bring the community in on the construction of our new home.

Over the past couple of months, neighbors, urban enthusiasts, developers, college professors, urban planners and reporters have been treated to tours by VP, Managing Director Matt Silverman and Marty Ball, lead architect from CCBG. These experiences have provided a fun history lesson and a taste of great things to come from R&R for the warehouse district.

Tour participants have learned about the origin of our building as a produce warehouse in the 1920s; how the building’s east and west walls had bowed 6 inches—requiring all of the weight from the ceiling to be shifted through steel beams to the floor; how certain building techniques will restore the 88-year-old floor and brickwork to its original luster; and how R&R is preserving a hidden cache of banking ledgers found under the building’s hydraulic elevator shaft.

We can’t wait for the fall when our masterpiece is completed and members of the community who have witnessed our warehouse’s transformation along with our clients, colleagues and friends join us for our opening bash!