Debauchery at The Duce

After touring the construction progress at R&R’s new warehouse district office, I began to wonder about other things related to life after the move.

For example, where would I be able to walk for convivial cleansing of my blackened soul with my teamies? At just two blocks away from the new R&R Partners Phoenix warehouse at 2nd Street and Buchanan, it doesn’t get more local than The Duce. Luckily for us, the vibe is just as easy.

An eclectically designed warehouse bar, boxing ring, apparel store and home of mac-n-cheese MUFFINS, The Duce would be confusing if it weren’t so astonishingly good at each of those things. Order up at the outdoor bar, fling a funky nickname to the staff and within a few perfect songs you’d totally forgotten about, you’re served a tasty adult beverage (yes, please!), one of many kinds of sliders, and a recovered sense of humanity.

Although we proudly rock #OneTeam in PHX, don’t let that fool you into thinking we’re not thrilled by silly challenges of a competitive nature. Right behind the sound of ice cubes clanking into a glass and a winning pitch, R&R Partners loves a game! The Duce offers our beloved office championship sport, ping pong, along with duce bag, shuffleboard and foosball! Is this… home?

To top it all off, and this is real, The Duce owners have a featured clothing line in their apparel store section coincidentally called… wait for it… R&R Surplus!

Yes, this IS home.