New Neighbors

There are those neighbors who are nice enough that if you needed milk on a Saturday to pour over your Fruity Pebbles, you could hit them up in a pinch. (My name is Brian and I am a cerealoholic. True story). There are also those neighbors who wish their suburban home was two states away from civilization. Getting a ‘hello’ out of them is never going to happen so you should probably stop trying.

But in those rare occasions, you land that neighbor who spent a half a decade investing in your future, who is dedicated to making your new home perfect and who invites you and your entire 40+ family members over for cocktails before you even move in.

Okay, that last one had never happened to me either until Thursday, Oct 30th, when the architect who restored and built our new Phoenix office “home” invited us over to celebrate our move this month.

On Thursday night, our staff headed over to CCBG Architects, the firm who brought a decaying, historic building back to life for us. As we were welcomed in to celebrate the completion of the project, we were treated to tables and tables of homemade food and three floors worth of wine and beer (no exaggeration). We toasted the partnership and the incredible care that CCBG put into our building. And in a rare moment for an agency, they thanked us for being a good client during the process. We may have blushed a little…

We then walked across the street to tour the finished product. This was the first time most of us were seeing the building since fine details like lighting, doors, kitchen appliances, and carpet were installed. To say their work is impressive is an understatement. The place looks amazing. As everyone ran through the place like kids going through the gates of Disneyland, exploring every corner and finding the spots that excited them, two things hit me:

  1. This was not our next office, it was our office.
  2. And this firm of amazing architects who brought our building to life are not some random people we were going to shake hands with that day and never see again, they’re our new friends across the street.

At R&R, we like to exceed expectations. And our new neighbor, who just happens to be our architect, has been doing the same for years on our new building. We are so thankful to them all for their creativity and dedication. It’s overused far too much but it really means something here when I say “this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”