Love In An Elevator

In a matter of days, our time on the 29th floor of Arizona’s second tallest building, known as the U.S. Bank Tower, will come to a close. Though we’ve called it home for just a little more than two years, we’ve seen a lot here. A bank robbery on the ground floor, an infestation of killer bees on the 8th floor patio, and two Billy V. visits.

There are definitely things we’ll miss. There’s the street corner preacher who let’s us know we’re going to burn in hell, the performer who fashions his clothes from pull tabs, Thai restaurants that are “under new management” every other week and a deli owner who packs heat (no, not hot peppers). Then there’s the vending machine that sells Hot Pockets® and spectacular views of Arizona’s sunsets and haboobs.

But I think I’ll miss the elevators most of all. First, there’s the Captivate Network. These elevator screens have everything, from recipes that just list ingredients, to foreign phrases, ill-conceived news headlines and fun facts. Then there’s the brotherhood of smokers – those (like me) who ride the elevators the most to frequent the 8th floor patio. I may not know their names, but I know their stories.

Yes, the U.S. Bank Tower has been good to us. But it’s time to make our last withdrawal. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night.