Move-in Day for R&R

On Sunday, R&R Partners moved into its new, permanent office in the Warehouse District. Everyone brought their families in to explore the space and get a feel for this next step in R&R’s history. In a matter of minutes, the office sprung to life with the sound of chatter and packing boxes being ripped open.

The celebration included a spread of tasty bites, R&R cupcakes and champagne to top off our first official day in the new space. Impromptu tours gathered to explore and find our favorite corners to collaborate and create. We all decorated our desks with knick-knacks and photographs and figured out the best way to create our own slice of R&R.

There’s no denying that we settled right into our new home with plenty of laughter and cheers – plus the first ping pong game to christen our office! We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The fun has just started in this new space. We’re still tucking away the last of the packing tape and dusting off our desks, but it already feels right. We finally have our own space to call home, and we can’t wait to see it grow.