Matt Silverman, Vice President and Managing Director

From Our Hearts to Your Pie Hole

As the ‘new kid on the block,’ we wanted to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood in a memorable way. The agency brainstormed ideas and concluded that the best way to make friends fast is with food—especially sweets. It’s the classic new-neighbor gesture—a guaranteed icebreaker.

One of our office foodies recommended we send locally-made pies from Mamma Toledo’s. We did an office-wide taste-test (we’ll take any excuse for sweets in the office, especially around 3 p.m.!) and deemed cherry pie fit the occasion.

Fast-forward to identifying our 30 neighboring businesses and we were off!

On December 10, our staff hand-delivered tasty Mamma Toledo’s pies straight to each business in the Warehouse District. Getting to make the personal, face-to-face connections with those business leaders who also see something special in the Warehouse District was a great foundation for building future partnerships around the neighborhood.