From Our Hearts to Your Pie Hole

As the ‘new kid on the block,’ we wanted to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood in a memorable way. The agency brainstormed ideas and concluded that the best way to make friends fast is with food—especially sweets. It’s the classic new-neighbor gesture—a guaranteed icebreaker.

One of our office foodies recommended we send locally-made pies from Mamma Toledo’s. We did an office-wide taste-test (we’ll take any excuse for sweets in the office, especially around 3 p.m.!) and deemed cherry pie fit the occasion.

Fast-forward to identifying our 30 neighboring businesses and we were off!

On December 10, our staff hand-delivered tasty Mamma Toledo’s pies straight to each business in the Warehouse District. Getting to make the personal, face-to-face connections with those business leaders who also see something special in the Warehouse District was a great foundation for building future partnerships around the neighborhood.

R&R in the News

During construction, we hosted tours of the warehouse’s progress for local reporters and bloggers.

Two reporters who have witnessed the transformations of the building, one from the Arizona Republic and one from the Phoenix Business Journal, returned to the finished building over the last few weeks to get the final updates for their print coverage of the historical renovation.

Our PR team loves it when we have interesting news about R&R to pitch and this has been a fun media relations project for the team.

Read the full coverage from the Arizona Republic here. The Phoenix Business Journal article can be found here. Keyser also highlighted our new space on their corporate blog here.

We’re still tucking away the last of the packing tape and dusting off our desks, but it already feels right.

-Ivanna Garcia, Assistant Account Executive

Love In An Elevator

In a matter of days, our time on the 29th floor of Arizona’s second tallest building, known as the U.S. Bank Tower, will come to a close. Though we’ve called it home for just a little more than two years, we’ve seen a lot here. A bank robbery on the ground floor, an infestation of killer bees on the 8th floor patio, and two Billy V. visits.

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