From Belfast to Buchanan

R&R Partners is packing up its 29th-story office for an abandoned warehouse a few blocks south. Goodbye Valley views and covered parking. Hello late-night visits from the undead in a haunted warehouse! Needless to say, the move was hard to digest at first. So I did what any logical man would have done: I fled the country for two weeks.

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Historic buildings deserve to be repaired in a manner that honors the original character and native materials. That’s what we’re doing.

-Marty Ball, CCBG Architects

Brick by Brick – Preserving the character

One of the goals for our historic warehouse renovation is to celebrate the building’s concrete foundations, which have a unique wood-grain-texture surface, as well as the building’s 12-inch-thick brick walls. Both materials are exposed inside and out. While solid and durable in appearance, they’re actually quite fragile and must be treated with caution.

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PR Intern Turned Archaeology Intern

After beginning my internship at R&R Partners, I was assigned a task unlike anything I’ve done before. Instead of pitching stories to the media or creating social media content (typical PR intern work) I was tasked to rummage through newly discovered artifacts from the 1930s found in R&R’s warehouse to piece together the story these documents tell.

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The warehouse represents so much more than just a new building for us.
It’s a chance to refresh history.

-Matt Silverman, VP & Managing Director, Phoenix

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