We’re still tucking away the last of the packing tape and dusting off our desks, but it already feels right.

-Ivanna Garcia, Assistant Account Executive

Love In An Elevator

In a matter of days, our time on the 29th floor of Arizona’s second tallest building, known as the U.S. Bank Tower, will come to a close. Though we’ve called it home for just a little more than two years, we’ve seen a lot here. A bank robbery on the ground floor, an infestation of killer bees on the 8th floor patio, and two Billy V. visits.

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New Neighbors

There are those neighbors who are nice enough that if you needed milk on a Saturday to pour over your Fruity Pebbles, you could hit them up in a pinch. (My name is Brian and I am a cerealoholic. True story). There are also those neighbors who wish their suburban home was two states away from civilization. Getting a ‘hello’ out of them is never going to happen so you should probably stop trying.

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In a rare moment for an agency, they thanked us for being a good client during the process. We may have blushed a little…

-Brian Kunnari, Group Account Director, Brand Management

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